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Yoongi Vs. Cubase
“I thought I was alone but I’ve learned that we are seven. No longer barefoot, wearing shoes called Bangtan.”

Hi everyone! My name is Calie!

I seriously don't know why I stan these seven idiots. It just kinda happened.

98% Bangtan

2% Anything Else

Enjoy, and welcome to my blog.
[BANGTAN BOMB] Various beatbox bt BTS (face..dog..monster..etc.)
Who's your favorite Naruto character? Hyuk

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I’m really quite thankful towards you for existing


bts x hogwarts

park jimingryffindor ; fifth year ; seeker


bts x hogwarts 

jung hoseokhufflepuff ; 6th year ; prankmaster

(; T.T))


Hi Kidoh.


Anonymous whispered:

ahhh, i think i saw you at kcon now that you mention you're rather tall.. i've always thought you were super pretty from pics on here but you're a beaut in person too dear ^^;; i thought about speaking to you but i choked up hah, please don't let being tall be an insecurity, you are beautiful! (point of this whole msg) /squeals and runs away/

This was so sweet omg! Thank you so much! 

You should have come to say hi ♥

Anonymous whispered:

ugh i love tall women so much, so hot. You are lucky m'dear <3